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Investing in a new roof for your home comes packed with multiple benefits, from uplifted exterior aesthetics and increased property value to essential shelter and safeguarding for your family. However, all these benefits hinge upon the expertise of a reliable roofing partner to ensure top-tier installation and uncompromised quality. We recognize that roof replacement can evoke stress and anxiety in homeowners stemming from past encounters with poor contractor communication and subpar craftsmanship. Our commitment at Rhino Roofers is to redefine your experiences through unparalleled service delivery and improved client communication. Rhino Roofers stands as an Esteemed Alamo Heights Roofing Specialist, providing you the reins of your forthcoming roofing venture. We don’t just promise premium roofing solutions – we assure a 5-star customer service journey. Our squad of proficient Alamo Heights roofers cumulatively hold over 130 years of practical experience and are geared to surpass your anticipations.

What goes into our 37 point Roof Inspection San Antonio TX?

It is recommended to have roofing inspections every one to two years, but this is often overlooked until a problem arises. Rhino Roofers, a highly-rated and trusted San Antonio roofing company, offers a thorough 37-point roof inspection to ensure our customers feel secure. Our inspection covers checking for leaks, external damage, structural integrity, and areas needing preventative maintenance.


Rhino Roofers caters to a spectrum of roofing needs with immense expertise. To make the perfect choice for your home, consult with our professionals in your scheduled appointment. We will guide you towards the best roofing solution suiting your financial plan.

Opt for Asphalt shingle roofs if you are looking for a perfect blend of lasting durability and economical pricing. With an array of styles and colors at your disposal, it’s no surprise these roofs are a residential favorite! If you find the numerous choices overwhelming, leave it to us. We ensure the selection that best complements your style and adheres to your budget.

Invest in a metal roof and it could very well be the last one your house will ever need! Often referred to as the “Rolls Royce of Roofs”, metal roofing in Alamo Heights is an excellent choice for a roof upgrade. Its exceptional durability, low maintenance, and an impressive lifespan exceeding a century make it a brilliant choice. Our experts will happily assist you in determining if a metal roof is the ideal fit for your home!

Considering our arid climate, tile roofs are an attractive alternative. These environmentally friendly roof materials are resistant to decay, rot, and damage from insects. With an array of modern and classic styles, they enhance the appeal of your home beautifully.


Roof Installation and Replacement

At Zona Roofing, we’re not just ready, we’re eager to bring your top-tier roofing to life. A superior roof accomplished many feats: it enhances your home’s visual appeal, escalates its market value, and most critically, safeguards your haven. Our seasoned roofing professionals in Alamo Heights commit to providing you with a resilient roof you can rely on. Are you prepared to take the reins of your impending roofing venture? Collaborate with one of our skilled roofing maestros for a complimentary roof evaluation. Together, we will conceive a tailored roofing strategy that aligns with both your roofing requirements and your financial plan. Book your no-obligation roof assessment today!

Schedule My Free
37-point Inspection