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The Best Weather Proof Tiles For Roof Refurbishments and New Homes

Are you looking to facelift your home with a new roof? A new weather proof roof will last you for 50-years or longer with the right care and maintenance. It’s an investment in your home, and you need to ensure your choose the best roofing system for the structure and environmental conditions. If you live in an area that experiences wet weather and storms, you’re going to have different requirements for roof tiles than homes in dry, hot regions. This post unpacks the best weatherproof tiles for roof refurbishments and new homes.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete is always the best choice for weatherproof roofing. However, it’s not always the most aesthetic option. Unless you have a flat roof or a commercial building, concrete can make your home seem ugly and cold. However, you get the longest lifespan, with manufacturers guaranteeing products for up to 50-year service life. It’s a fire-resistant material, but concrete tiles weigh a lot, and you may need to reinforce your roof to accommodate the additional weight.

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal tiles and roofing systems offer you one of the strongest, most durable materials for building or refurbishing a roof. Metal roofing systems come in a range of designs and styles to suit the aesthetic of your home. The panels come treated for corrosion and rust resistance. Typical materials used in these roofing systems include aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel, and copper. These roofs will provide your home with excellent weather resistance for up to 70-years.

Composite Material Tiles

Composite tiles blend materials into a strong, lightweight, and durable roofing system for your home. Composites are affordable, and they come in a range of molded designs and colors to suit your home aesthetic. These synthetic tiles typically weigh a fraction of a clay or slate tile, taking much of the weight of a traditional roof of the structure, extending its service life. Composite tiles can stand up to hail and other extreme weather events.

Roman Double-Style Roof Tiles

The double-style Roman tile is a popular choice with homeowners due to the eye-catching aesthetic they produce. Most double-style Roman tiles feature design and construction with concrete, offering an interlocking system that is wind-resistant and waterproof. You get different options for styles and colors, but they come with a price tag that’s as heavy as the tile. You may also need to consider reinforcing the roof structure before installing this system.

Avoid Slate and Clay Roof Tiles

Clay and slate roof tiles are a popular option for home roofs. They are affordable, available in a wide range of styles, and most areas of the US. However, they are a terrible choice for a weatherproof roofing system. They are reasonably water-resistant, absorb less water than concrete, and offer you a lightweight tile. However, the tiles blow off the roof easily in high-wind conditions, and they crack under impact from large hailstones.

Get Professional Advice

Before installing any roofing system, take the time to speak to a professional. A local roofing contractor will give you the best advice for fitting the right roofing system to suit your local weather conditions.

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